Why the name "Mobius Farms"?

Why the name "Mobius Farms"?

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The Mobius loop is the unfamiliar name of a very familiar symbol: a triangle composed of three arrows looping back on themselves in clockwise direction." ~ Coda Plastics UK

The Mobius Farm logo embodies our story:

  • taking small 'things' (i.e. food waste), collecting it and converting it into something 'whole'.
  • circular i.e. returning and recycling nutrients back into the food production system
  • using small, food waste conversion farms to collectively process volumes of food waste and produce volumes of insect protein.

What do you see when you look at our logo? Do you see a fish? A chicken? Larvae?!

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Mobius Farms embraces many of the principles of the Circular Economy and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals including : Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Change, Life Below Water and Life on Land. ​

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