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Insects build a greener tomorrow.

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From piggeries to protein.

Mobius Farms was born in the beautiful Barossa Valley South Australia. Whilst famous for its wine, it’s also home to mixed agriculture including orchards, piggery and poultry farms. From fallen fruit, grape marc and mounds of pig manure - it begged the question; how can we recover the nutrients from this ‘waste’ and return it back to our food systems?

Some googling soon introduced us to nature’s super-composter - the black soldier fly larvae!

It wasn’t long before we joined the growing fan club of black soldier fly farmers around the world; activating communities to recover waste and build more sustainable food systems.

In 2020 we built the ‘Insect Airbnb’ in the back shed, where all great businesses start! We celebrated the first fly hatching and the first clutch of eggs! We were on a roll. Over the coming months we read more and continuously improved our farming practices. Each week we collected hundreds of kilos of kitchen waste from restaurants, caterers and even noodle makers to feed our larvae. We soon learned there was almost nothing they wouldn‘t eat!

We experimented with product development and Chick Stix was born at the beginning of Covid lockdowns. With thousands of Australians purchasing chickens for the backyard, our timing couldn‘t have been better! We quickly built a loyal following of human and feathered friends alike. We are excited by the future and we have lots of ideas in the pipeline.

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The Mobius Cycle

Mini Beasts. Maximum Impact.

Mobius Farms embraces the natural technology of insect bioconversion to turn waste into value. Rapid growing, omnivorous and with a short reproduction cycle, black soldier fly larvae are the superheroes of waste bioconversion.

In just 12 days, one kilogram of larvae will have consumed approximately 6 kilograms of food waste, produced 2 kilograms of frass AND negated over 15 kilograms of Greenhouse Gas equivalent.

The black soldier flies are reared in environmentally controlled environments powered by renewable energy. Don’t worry! The flies are native to the Australian continent and are not considered a biosecurity risk. The adult flies don’t transfer nasties like the common housefly can!

Harvested larvae are high in protein, fat and essential amino acids making them suitable for a wide range of pet, livestock and aquaculture feed.

The frass, or insect poop, is an effective organic fertiliser and soil improver, packed with nutrients and beneficial microbes.

Mobius Farms have embraced the black soldier fly and developed processes that can farm the larvae efficiently on a range of waste streams. From modular units for community social enterprises, to large scale operations, we have the expertise to design a system for your requirements.

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Our Focus

Conscientious Consumers

Customers are wanting to purchase products that are sustainably produced, locally made, ethical, safe and nourishing for them, their pets and their family.

Climate Action

To future proof our food sytems we need to change our thinking. Waste must have a value. We must extend the life of our natural resources.

Market Stability

By providing local solutions for food, feed and fertiliser, we are making our food systems more resilient to economical and environmental challenges.

Meet Our Team


Jeannine’s journey to Mobius Farms began with years as a project engineer. Working on everything from biotech labs to wineries, she learned the ropes of building successful teams and realizing complex projects.


From resources to wine, reliability engineering to global supply chain improvement, Chris has worn many hats. Chris is driven by continuous improvement and making the world a better place. He now applies those skills and passion to turning food waste into value.

Insect Power

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Nature's Power House

Mobius Farms is a pioneering insect farming company committed to sustainable protein production. But, we won't stop there. The humble black soldier fly larvae has multiple applications across a range of industries. We are working with researchers to develop innovative insect-based products - turning waste into value.

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