Transforming Food Waste into Sustainable Feed in Barossa Valley

Transforming Food Waste into Sustainable Feed in Barossa Valley

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In the scenic Barossa Valley, South Australia, famous for its exquisite wineries, a new buzz is emerging around the production of black soldier fly larvae at Mobius Farms.

From Waste to Larvae

Every week, the team at Mobius Farms collects approximately 500 kilograms of food waste from regional commercial eateries. This waste is then transformed into feed for their voracious black soldier fly larvae. Jeannine Malcolm, associated with Mobius Farms, was captivated by the potential of fly farming as a solution to food waste challenges. "When food is dumped into landfill, it rots and produces methane - a greenhouse gas even more potent than carbon dioxide - so what we wanted to do was address this issue using black solider fly larvae," Malcolm explains.

Nature's Super Composters

Black soldier fly larvae, celebrated for their remarkable composting abilities, can consume double their body weight in food daily. "The more I learned about them the more I saw how many applications these insects had, not just for converting food waste but for being a viable food source for pets and animals," Ms. Malcolm stated. After completing a short course in insect farming in the Netherlands in 2018, she returned to Australia to start her venture with an initial batch of larvae.

Growing Partnerships

With the increasing interest from local eateries in recycling organic waste more effectively, Mobius Farms is at the forefront of making significant environmental contributions. The industry, valued at around $10 million in 2019, is experiencing a surge in popularity, particularly in Australia's urban and agricultural food producing regions.

Reducing Food Waste in Regional Areas

Sam Smith, head chef at Otherness wine bar in Angaston, highlights the challenge of food waste disposal in regional areas compared to urban centers like Adelaide. His restaurant contributes around three 50 litre barrels of waste weekly to Mobius Farms. This initiative is part of a broader effort to manage restaurant waste responsibly and sustainably. "It's easy, which is very important, so I do see a lot of potential for growth," Smith remarked on the collaboration with Mobius Farms.

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