Food South Australia- Championing the State's Food and Beverage Industry

Food South Australia- Championing the State's Food and Beverage Industry

Jeannine Malcolm2023-12-30Media, Event

Food South Australia is the state's peak body for the food and beverage industry, serving as a membership-based association and the trusted partner of businesses of all sizes. They work closely with their members to expand markets, enhance business capabilities, and foster industry connections.

Premier’s Food & Beverage Industry Awards

A major event on the Food SA calendar is the Premier’s Food & Beverage Industry Awards. Open to all members, these awards celebrate excellence across various categories. In 2021, Mobius Farms was honored as a finalist in two categories: Emerging Business and Sustainability, marking a significant achievement for an early-stage startup in an innovative sector.

Our Application Excerpt

"It’s no secret that South Australia boasts a world-class food, beverage, and tourism sector. However, a recent report from Green Industries SA (GISA) reveals that only 12% of commercial food waste is diverted from landfill. GISA aims to increase this to 60% by 2030, and Mobius Farms is eager to contribute to this goal."

At Mobius Farms, we specialize in transforming 'waste' into value by utilizing Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) to process food waste from commercial entities. This process not only addresses waste management concerns but also produces a sustainable source of insect protein.

The Value Proposition

Using BSFL, we can convert low-value food waste into a high-value product, ideal for pet and livestock feed. This initiative aligns with the growing consumer demand for locally made, sustainable food options.

Chick Stix™: Our First Product

Our debut product, Chick Stix™, caters to the backyard chicken owner market. Launched in early 2020, it quickly gained popularity, mirroring the increased interest in keeping chickens as pets during the Covid pandemic. Since its launch, we've expanded our retail presence significantly.

Recognition and Impact

Our participation in the Premier’s Food & Beverage Industry Awards and the presentation of our promotional video at the Adelaide Convention Centre underscored our innovative approach, generating interest and valuable connections within the industry. We're grateful to FoodSA for recognizing our efforts to introduce novel pet food products to the South Australian market.

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